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Why you choose our
Frzss Coin

Our coin offers a unique opportunity to invest in a sustainable future while supporting green technologies

Sustainable and Scalable

Frzss Coin utilizes sustainable and scalable blockchain technology, ensuring long-term viability.

Fast and Low-Cost Transactions

Frzss Coin offers fast and low-cost transactions with no intermediaries or fees.

Secure and Reliable Transactions

Frzss Coin provides secure and reliable transactions with advanced encryption technology.

Decentralized Network

Frzss Coin operates on a decentralized network, ensuring transparency and eliminating central authority.

The liquidity pools for the prior tokens are
now open and available for trading.

Any Individuals who sell their tokens will not be entitled to any portion of the new token.


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ABOUT Frzss Coin

Frzss has been migrated to a new contract address

FrzssCoin represents the migration of the old version . This migration aims to augment the value and utility of our ecosystem. The contract for old version which is no longer valid for trading is as below: 0xaC41Fb8013c0B63588fC63997785A5d79E73eb28
here is the Contract address for Frzss new version: FRZ Solar System Coin (FRZSSCOIN) new version Contract address: 0xFbDB1Fa163a0e8d90DD88104F44C093882A71914

  • The airdrop of FrzssCoin ( new version of frzss) has distributed to holders of old version.
our Roadmap

Frzss Coin Strategy and
Project Plan

Q1 2023


Designing of Token architecture Development and launch of the website Release of Whitepaper Version 1
Mid of Q1 2023


Merger of FRZSS and FRZW Launch of new version Conducting an Airdrop campaign R1
Q2 2023


Listing on CG Listing on CMC Initiation of monthly token burning Release of Whitepaper Version 2
Mid of Q2 2023


Updating the roadmap Listing on Lbank Promoting and trending FRZDEX Conducting an Airdrop campaign R2
Q3 2023


Conducting a Swap campaign Updating the roadmap Promoting and trending Farzex platform
Mid Q3 2023


Collaborating with high-ranking currencies Conducting an Airdrop campaign R3
Q4 2023

FRZ Smart Chain

Promoting and trending the FRZ Smart Chain Development of FRZ Wallet
Mid of Q4 2023

Listings Rank<15

Collaborating with high-ranking currencies Listing on exchanges ranked below 15

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase our coin through our website or through authorized exchanges.

The current market value of our coin can be found on major cryptocurrency tracking websites.

Our coin focuses on environmentally sustainable solutions and mobile payment technology.

Yes, we take extensive measures to protect your personal information and keep it secure.

Yes, our coin can be used for online purchases with merchants that accept it as a form of payment.

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