Roadmap of FRZ Solar System Token


In 2022, the FRZ Solar Token was developed.


Later, the token was listed on pancakeswap and other exchanges at a low market cap. The bugs and errors in the system were identified and upgraded with the help of a specialist working on tokens. In June 2022, the project was launched.


Further, the token development team consulted with the experts regarding the token for solar energy. The token got listed on exchanges with a rank of 10 to 30. Gameplay was created that offered profitability to the users.


Begin negotiating with the service centers to accept FRZ Solar System as a mode of payment. Land investments to establish solar power plants.


In 2023, the token will be listed in the top 10 exchanges and the company plans to make contracts with industry giants for solar energy production. The token will attract new investors and sponsors for the project. Later, holding clean energy conferences across the digital space, the token development team plans to expand its activities to gaming and metaverse.