Our Goals


Establish solar power plants

Intending to purchase, equip, and build new solar power plants


Fight against air pollution

Investing in other projects to protect the environment against air pollution


Establish solar power plants

Drawing people's attention to the problem of climate change, the energy crisis, and environmental pollution


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Growing ecosystem

FRZSS Token is One of the strongest digital currencies in the field of solar energy with more projects under development



We have been reviewed and approved by the most important crypto security agencies

Certik Contract Wolf


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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Renewable and unlimited resources
  • Free source of energy
  • A way to overcome climate changes
  • The long service life of panels
  • Low cost on launch and production of solar panels
  • Pollution-free process

Meet FRZSS token

To reach FRZ Solar System goals, we have successfully launched the FRZSS token.

Token Symbol: FRZSS
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Contract address:
Total supply: 120,000,000,000,000
Holders: 22,096
Launch date: 02/22/2022
Audits: Certik and Contract Wolf

FRZSS Use Cases

Listing and Staking on exchanges Airdrops, Giveaways, Ruffles, Lotteries
Project Demanded Costs Token Burning
Sharing part of the Solar System Profits with Holders
Pools and Yield Farms Token Sales and Presales
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FRZ Token
System Products

Except for the FRZSS token, we also will develop and launch:


FRZ Blockchain. By creating our own blockchain, we aim to protect the FRZ Solar System ecosystem from attacks, failures, and data theft. Furthermore, the FRZ blockchain will conduct fast transactions with low fees, as well as be scalable and secure. The main goal of FRZ blockchain creation is to save nature and energy resources by developing an energy-efficient product.

FRZSS token on FRZ Chain. FRZ Solar System will also develop a cryptocurrency token with the symbol FRZSS on its own blockchain and conduct most of its financial transactions with such a token. FRZSS will be used as a form of payment in service departments, stores, shopping centers, and employees' salaries of companies and organizations.

FRZSWAP DEX cryptocurrency exchange. FRZ Solar System will also develop and launch its own DEX exchange to provide users with the ability to perform peer-to-peer transactions without central authorities and avoid the risks of the loss of funds because of third parties actions.

FARZEX CEX exchange. FRZ Solar System also comprises a CEX exchange where users can securely store their assets and exchange the cryptocurrencies and fiats. The exchange has guaranteed liquidity and is easy to use.

FRZ cryptocurrency wallet. To provide the users with quality and secure products, FRZ Solar System will develop and launch its own non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with low fees and high speed of transactions. The wallet will support numerous tokens and cryptocurrencies and provide secure storage of users' assets. The product will be developed for IOS and Android systems, as well as for different browsers.

Metaverse gaming platform. The FRZSS ecosystem intends to penetrate the world of 3D games in order to provide people with the opportunity to earn money by creating games on its platform.

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FRZ Blockchain;
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FRZ Cryptocurrency wallet;
FRZW Token on
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FRZ Blockchain;
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